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WZ - Construction

VA-311S at 0.1 mi NW of Salem

On VA-311 South (Thompson Memorial Dr) in the County of Roanoke at 81 Ramp On S; I-81S Ramp 140A, motorists can expect potential delays in this area from 08/06/17 at 7:48 PM until 11/30/17 at 4:00 PM due to construction activities. Beginning on Monday, August 7, parking spaces in the Park and Ride lot at exit 140 off Interstate 81 will be switched from the current location to the opposite side of the lot as work to expand the lot continues. The number of parking spaces in the Park and Ride lot has been reduced by approximately 50 percent since April and will continue to be reduced throughout the duration of the current expansion project. Drivers should plan for approximately 50 parking spaces being available at any given time during construction through fall of 2017. The portions of the lot that will be closed will be marked by barricades and no parking signs will be posted. Towing will be enforced so drivers are encouraged to be diligent about moving their cars or parking in designated spaces. The Park and Ride construction project will include expansion and improvements to the existing lot that will result in additional parking capacity (from approximately 112 vehicles to approximately 232 vehicles), a designated bus loading area, commuter shelter, bike racks, lighting, landscaping and sidewalks. This will include sidewalk along the west side of Route 311 from the Park and Ride lot to the Salem City limits. Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead and expect some inconveniences during construction. The project is expected to be complete in fall 2017.
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